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Kennedy Exterior Cleaning is the best value and quality exterior cleaning service in the Washington D.C. metro area. Let us walk you through the numerous cleaning services we offer to tackle any job. Our DC power washing crew knows how to get the job done right every time, for every homeowner. Being dependable and having great customer service are just some of the qualities we are known for. We want to help you end your search for power washing in Washington D.C. , so call us today!

Certifications that show we care.

Power Washing Highly Rated in Washington DC
Authorized Power Washer in DC
Certified Power Washing
EPA Compliant Power Washing

Listen to our happy customers!

  • Do you offer remote estimates?
    Yes! Simply text or email any available pictures and we will respond promptly with an estimate. 812-369-3683
  • How often should I power wash my property?
    The frequency of power washing depends on the location of your property and the level of dirt and grime accumulation. In general, it is recommended to power wash your property at least once a year.
  • Why should I get my home power washed?
    The benefits for power washing for your home are twofold. 1. Power washing is an aesthetic improvement which restores your concrete or siding to its original look. This makes your home look newer and gives it more "curb appeal." 2. Regular power washing is an important part of maintence to prevent organic matter from bulding up on your concrete and home. Over time, regular power washing will delay the need to completely replace your driveway/siding and actually SAVE you money.
  • Can I power wash my home myself?
    It is 100% possible for handy homeowners to take power washing into their own hands. However, there are a couple reasons this might not always be the best option. 1. Renting a power washer for the day can be cheaper but will not save you as much money as you would think and requires hours of labor. 2. Cleaning siding requires the use of chemcials over a wide area and precuations must be taken to protect plants during this process. An uninformed homeowner can easily cause damage to their plants or property.
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