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Power Washing in Northern Virginia - What you need to know

Being a business serving mainly Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland, we have seen a pattern of problems that can affect your homes exterior negatively. We are here to confer that knowledge onto you!

Due to the relatively high humidity of this region, mold and mildew grow abundantly on all parts of your home. It may be surprising to you that the Siding, Concrete, Roof, and Deck of your home will all grow mold and mildew if left untreated. While this is an annoying fact of life, there is a clear solution to removing these organic stains.

These contaminants are best removed by applying a mix of sodium hypochlorite and surfactant. Pressure Washing with no chemical can remove some of the organic matter from concrete, but the pressure is much too strong for delicate surfaces like siding and wood. Instead, chemical is showered onto the surface over a large area, and left to dwell. It is then washed off with clean water and the mold washes away with it.

Kennedy Exterior Cleaning takes precautions to protect your property. All parts of your home that can be damaged by exposure to these chemicals are throughly wetted down. This includes plants, wood, and certain metal fixtures. Chemical neutralizer is also applied on especially delicate areas.

After saying all this we don't recommend the average homeowner to try soft washing themselves. It can be dangerous and requires experience. Kennedy Exterior Cleaning has the tools and know-how needed to solve these power washing and soft washing problems.

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