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Why are there Black Streaks on my Gutters?

You may have noticed that the outside of your gutters have faded from bright white to black over time. Why is this happening? Well to understand why, we need to take a closer look at what gutters are made of.

The majority of gutters on residential homes are made of painted aluminum. To get paint to stay on the aluminum gutters they must first be anodized. This process makes the gutters stand up to corrosion although there is a drawback. The same anodizing process that allows paint to stick easier to the gutters also allows pollutants from rainwater to stick to the gutters. Over time these pollutants add up until your once pure white gutters are now pitch black.

To remove these black streaks, a special chemical blend must be applied to the gutters and agitated. This chemical blend is often sold as "Gutter Zap" in home improvement stores. Multiple applications may be needed for particularly dirty gutters.

Now you know what those black streaks on your gutters are and how to remove them. If you need gutter brightening services in Northern Virginia contact us for a free quote.

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