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Restaurant Power Washing: A No Brainer

Everybody knows that cleanliness is the most important part of your restaurant experience. The food may be great. The service may be top notch. However, a sticky seat or dirty plate can totally ruin a customers experience. That is why restaurants spend large portions of their budget on products and staff meant to clean the insides of their restaurant.

A commonly overlooked part of this cleaning process is the OUTSIDE of the restaurant. I'm talking about everything down to the concrete the customers walks on. Keeping a clean exterior sends a message to the customer that the inside of the restaurant is clean as well. This can make your restaurant seem more inviting to passerby's. Food and drink coming out of your restaurant can quickly be left on the sidewalk leaving stains and smells. This is especially common in fast food establishments. Garbage pads are a magnet for grease and decomposing food.

Left untreated these problems only get worse. That is why we recommend routine cleaning of at least the garbage pad to keep your restaurant smelling good year-round. These cleaning services can be offered at whatever frequency you prefer whether it's yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

If you're looking for restaurant power washing in Northern Virginia go with Kennedy Exterior Cleaning. Our experienced techs are waiting to solve all your pressure washing needs. Get a free power washing quote here:

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